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We established Golden Golf Company here in the capital of the Lone Star state in 2022. Even though we are based in Austin, TX we are from the beautiful West Texas town of San Angelo. We’ve used influences from both places to create a fusion of Austin’s retro, cool vibe and the blue collar, rustic feel of West Texas. We are a Texas brand but we’re very confident that our brand will resonate with the old souls and country lovin’ crowd from all over. We all love hanging out with our friends but if you haven’t tried golfing with them, we’d highly recommend it. The music, the drinks, the great shots, the terrible shots and the camaraderie are something that can’t be replicated almost anywhere else, and our job is to make sure you look good doing it! We want our apparel to fit any occasion, whether it’s hitting the links, happy hour with friends, or playing fetch with your best friend. So grab some gear, share this with your friends and loved ones and next time your friend asks how their shot looks let ‘em know they’re golden, even if they’re not.




The game of golf is filled with lore and mysticism from Texas to Scotland and beyond. The magic of a hole-in-one or the excitement of an albatross. Breaking 100 for your first time or watching your cart buddy have a miserable round every tee time is the beginning of a new opportunity for any of this to happen. So we thought to ourselves why not match the mythical game with a mythical creature?


His name is Golden. He hails from parts unknown and is a bit of a wildcard. Like any jackalope, he’s a big fan of whiskey but has been know to indulge a little too much from time to time. Extremely stubborn, he has a little Roy McAvoy in him, a lot actually. One of the things we all love about Golden is how he approaches the game. He wants to hit bombs and plays with a reckless abandon that we all have in us somewhere. Layup is a four letter word to this jackalope and he’ll have none of it. Whether you’re wearing Golden on your hat, shirt or anywhere else, he’s there to provide you with the extra bit of juice we all need out there on the course.